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An enormous waste of Public Funds

DISCLAIMER. This Website is based on my experiences and any opinions expressed are mine alone. I apologise unreservedly for any errors or omissions which, if drawn to my attention, will be corrected. I have done my very best to make my account both honest and accurate, and since establishing my first Website in September 1999 no errors of fact have been drawn to my attention: nor have I been obliged by anyone to withdraw any website content. Whenever attempts have been made to close a site my ISP has always supported me, for which I am very grateful. I have evidence to support the claims that I am making.

These are the names of the very Senior Executives involved in my Complaint so far.

I have not received one single word in response in over five months! Shameful!

Mrs Tracy Taylor, Chief Executive Officer

... nice smile, shame about the clinical care her Trust have deprived me of since Sept 2010!

My wife says 'doesn't she look lovely'! But I see Mrs Taylor in a very different light!

'Mrs Taylor is aware of the situation and is very sorry that you are experiencing continuing difficulties.  She has requested that immediate action be taken and you will be contacted again when a way forward has been agreed.' December 2010. Worthless words, weasel words! (Ms Helen Vening, Business Assistant to Tracy Taylor, Chief Executive)

THE NHS CONSTITUTION (21st January 2009) Page 1 begins;

The NHS belongs to the people.


And see below;

Prepare to be appalled at the waste of YOUR MONEY!

PLEASE NOTE! The graphics do not necessarily relate to the individuals above or below them!


Mrs M Ward, Director Specialist Division


... some people have no-eye deer!


Mrs Vivien De La Fuente, Associate Director

... help is on the way! (November 2010) But when will it arrive?

I can imagine Mrs De La Fuente making an enormous fuss if her shoes were rubbing one little toe!


Mr Mark Senior, General Manager

'The Associate Director for Rehabilitation Services and I have been looking into potential options for next steps in your care.' (Mark Senior - letter 3rd November 2010). . . . . . . . . . . . . Worthless words - weasel words!

'Dr Walsh should be able to offer advice on the options you outline in your letter, and I have made her aware of this.' (Mark Senior - letter 3rd November 2010).

At my 60-Minute Annual Review Appointment with Dr Walsh-Khattak on 19th November (it had been due on 3rd April!) there was no Orthotist present. One was not summoned despite my repeated requests - nor have I been provided with the services of one since! Dr Walsh-Khattak repeatedly stated that she 'did not know anything about orthotics'..

But Mr Senior, orthotic care is my life-line and I obviously wanted to discuss this above everything else - the fact that I did not have any shoes that fit nor orthoses fit that were fit to wear. Yet not a single word on the subject.  Another Orthotist should have been available to provide me with treatment, regardless of the fact that I had complained. 

'As I indicated on the phone, we would like to obtain an independent professional opinion on the clinical appropriateness of the treatment provided to you, ... ...' (Mark Senior - letter 3rd November 2010). But not yet obviously!

More worthless words - weasel words!

It's always good advice if you are in a hole ...

... ... to stop digging!


Mr Donald Harrison, General Manager


Ms Rebecca Southall, Head of Corporate Affairs


... I really don't understand what you have to complain about!


Mrs Alison Last, Head of Patient Experience

Least said ... ... !

and bringing up the rear ...

Dr Martina Walsh–Khattak, Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, who is ‘my' Consultant – although she did not mention a further appointment/review, nor had she arranged for an Orthotist to be present at my 60-minute Annual Review last November. It was seven and a half months overdue! I am happy to acknowledge that Dr Walsh-Khattak did admit that she was 'running a bit behind'. Very regrettably, Dr Walsh-Khattak has not arranged for me to be seen by an Orthotist since, nor for for any other clinical care, like an investigation into the appalling state of the first phalangeal joint of my left foot - which I can now hardly bear to put to the floor at times. Please see separate page.

Since lodging my Formal Complaint I have been deliberately deprived of 'appropriate clinical care'. I have been badly in need of the services of an Orthotist for months, in fact I have NOT received ANY clinical care!

'The Investigating Officer' Mr Mark Senior, General Manager, West Midlands Rehabilitation Centre prepared a Report that was available in January. I have been repeatedly denied a copy.

My allocated Complaints Manager has very recently confirmed that she has not seen a copy either, and neither is she aware of the contents - no wonder I do not get answers to the questions I ask!

Mrs Taylor's' Trust operates a 'Need to know' Policy, and Mr Senior has decreed that I do not need to know - except on HIS terms, what a BULLY he is and I ABHORE BULLIES!


*** Meanwhile, over the space of five months, the first phalangeal joint of my left foot, deprived of orthoses fit to wear has been pulverised, THROUGH NEGLECT. And because of this I have been deprived of my mobility, and my health has been ruined. I am racked with pain as a consequence of this; all sorts of pain, and very close to completely falling apart. And still the Trust continue to deny me access to an Orthotist; and other clinical care; the Independent Clinical Report they promised me; or the ' second opinion' I was told that I was entitled to! No wonder I am a little tetchy.


The Formal Complaint that I submitted on 9th September 2010 was as accurate, as honest and as truthful as I could make it. I did my very best to avoid making any misrepresentation and I gave a detailed account of what had occurred at EVERY clinical appointment, my wife attended all but one of them with me. Things were so unsatisfactory, almost from the outset (3rd April 2009), that following our return to Worcester we wrote a separate account of what had transpired. Generally, my wife's accounts were more comprehensive as mostly she simply listened and observed


There has not, so far, been any investigation into the clinical treatment that I received, about which I complained. I was asked, and agreed, to my clinical notes being disclosed to 'Tru Life' in Kings Norton Birmingham, who were known to the Trust. As I felt my Clinical Notes painted a very false picture, I emailed them images of the shoes that did not fit, and the worn out orthoses that I had been obliged to manage with. To their credit, Tru Life refused to prepare a report before they had seen me by appointment, and had been able to examine my feet; the shoes; and orthoses that I had been provided with.


This turned out to be not to Mr Mark Senior's liking, and he decreed that a Report would be commissioned based solely on my clinical notes - but clinical notes did not exist in respect of every clinical appointment, and what there were (I had obtained a copy after an 'Access to Medical Records' application), I considered inadequate; misleading; and unsatisfactory in other respects - my wife (who is very good at reading other people's writing) and I, found some notes completely illegible.

Mr Senior has still not commissioned a Report, and this after over five months, and Mrs Tracy Taylor the CEO has, for some perverse reason, given him her backing!

I know this because I have not been asked to agree to my Clinical Notes being made available to anyone else since, despite the fact that I have requested that an 'Independent Clinical Report' be arranged on countless occasions, I never once got a response. I raised the matter with my Designated Complaints Manager on 1st February but although I had been promise 'Daily Reports' by Mrs Alison Last (something that she later denied - but she had confirmed it in an email), nothing improved. After eight days had elapsed and not a single Daily Reports had been received, I telephoned my Complaints Manager (on 9th February) and made an issue of it. Only then was I told that Mr Senior had decreed that I would NOT be provided with a copy of his Report. It would, I was advised, be provided at a Meeting (i.e. sprung upon me), that I had not yet accepted the invitation to attend. What is more, this would leave me with no opportunity to discuss the Report with my POhWER ICAS Advocate! That is what this despicable Trust calls 'fair play'! Then a BOMBSHELL was dropped, almost by accident the Complaints Manager let slip that my Consultant, Dr Martina Walsh-Khattak had absented herself! A Report to the Trust had also been provided by 'Otto Bock' the Orthotist's employers, but I have been told that I do not have any right to see it, let alone receive a copy, as it is addressed to the Trust!

I have managed to speak to the author of Otto Bock's Report, and he had confirmed to me that all it related to was delays and the attitude towards me of the Orthotics Dept. Manager Mr Brian Hopkins! He specifically confirmed that there was no clinical content!

So, I lodge a Formal Complaint relating to the clinical care that I had received, and allege clinical negligence - five months later absolutely nothing has been done about that aspect of it: the most important aspect by far!


Other lesser mortals have also been intimately involved; for the first six weeks or so my Formal Complaint was with Mrs Margaret Mitchell the Trust's full-time Complaints Manager. There is no evidence that anything was done about it - I believe that it simply lay gathering dust! Of course the Trust refuse to confirm or deny this! There were, the Trust has advised me, 'a lot of ends to tie up', so they transferred it to their other Complaints Manager Mrs Kirsty Hughes, who only works Monday to Wednesday. Ask a question, ask a hundred questions, and on every occasion they would have to be 'referred' before a reply could be given. I raised the same important questions time after time after time! I honestly cannot EVER recall receiving a single answer to a question that was important to me (before 9th February)! I am invariably at home, EXCEPT on a Wednesday afternoon when I visit friends, the Dentists, do errands, and attend appointments. Over the years it had become a ritual. My Complaints Manager soon realised and settled into a ritual of leaving a brief message, often cheerful, on my answerphone on a Wednesday afternoon before she left the office: not to return until the following Monday. That meant that I could not contact her until the following week, and as always she would have to 'refer the matter' - but people were in Meetings, away from the office, and were hard to contact and it might be........

This Trust could teach 'Cirque de Soleil' a thing or too about keeping all their balls in the air!


Prepare to be appalled at the waste of YOUR MONEY!

I imagine the Senior Executives listed above receive very high salaries, long holidays and valuable 'perks' to relieve the strain! Yet they do not appear to have achieved much in relation to my complaint!

How much in National Health Insurance contributions do the Trust pay to employ them?

What does their Pension Provision cost?

Their perks - cars or car allowances for example?

The cost of employing PA's, Secretaries and general administrative staff?

The other administration costs involved?

Rent and rates?

Heat and light for their offices and their Departments?

Computer and telephone costs?

The other premises costs involved, such as oiling their Executive chairs (so that they may make a 'quick exit' when it is time to go home; or when there is someone on the way that they do not want to see) - it all adds up!

Executive loos for their Executive needs ... ?


And you have met the cost!

And for all this time I have been deprived of any treatment!


Why couldn't the Trust have devoted these resources to investigating my complaint and providing me with treatment? The choice was theirs!


Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust

Accessible; Responsive Community Healthcare - you what!!!


Being aware of the waste of public funds ...

... guilty as charged! Must do better!

Despite the astronomical cost to the Public Purse so far (over five months), nothing has been achieved. Meanwhile I have been deprived of appropriate clinical treatment, leaving me as good as crippled and in more pain than I could ever have imagined. Even high dose pain patches have not addressed the back pain that has resulted from my being deprived of mobility, and nothing relieves the pain from an area of the sole of my left foot, which has collapsed under the strain.


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