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Be warned, and tell other people what they or someone close to them, or someone vulnerable might encounter, or might have already encountered!


8th June 2012


If so I recommend you exercise your right to receive copies of your clinical notes, correspondence and any Reports about you - IT CAN BE VERY ENLIGHTENING AND WAS THE ONLY WAY I OBTAINED A COPY OF THE TRUST'S 99-PAGE REPORT THAT THEY WERE SO DETERMINED TO DENY ME ACCESS TO!


Five-and-a-half months to investigate a Complaint - during which time I can't recall the 'Investigating Officer' Mark SENIOR (who had an interest in the outcome as he was the 'Operations Manager' at the WMRC where I attended) raising a single query! That's how interested he was about determining the truth!

Someone else with a problem ...

Cut & paste for 'Senior Moments', it's very funny!

In my opinion, all those involved ought to have 'I admit nothing' tattooed across their foreheads.

Now what do you think about Mrs Tracy Taylor the CEO and the numerous other very senior executives involved?

Do actions such as these evidence that Mrs Tracy (hard as nails) Taylor possesses even one iota of integrity? Not to me they don't! And how would you feel if you or someone close to you, especially someone elderly, was treated in the same callous way as I have been treated, and suffered and are still suffering a great deal of unnecessary pain and loss of mobility in the process?

Mrs Taylor bit off more than she could chew trying to bully me. People who convene 'Kangaroo Courts' and decide matters in someone's absence are beyond contempt in my eyes, it's as simple as that. Certainly, there should be no place for them in a NHS which belongs to us al: and not to them.

What could be more despicable than insisting on keeping me completely in the dark during the investigation? I raised very important and thoroughly reasonable enquiries which were completely ignored, time after time.

In the end the answers were the same - I would be provided with answers, and a copy of what turned out to be a 99-page Report 'at the Meeting' and not before! Only then could I raise queries and attempt to defend myself 'off the cuff'. This was how Mrs Tracy Taylor was determined to conduct herself! How utterly shameful, how despicable of her - even more evidence of her lack of integrity.

This is how 'our' NHS TREATS PATIENTS WITH LEGITIMATE COMPLAINTS in the twenty- first century!

It reminds me of how dictators behave in 'Banana Republics'.

I hope that the Board of Governors of the Trust will thoroughly investigate my claims and examine their collective consciences before acting without any further delay to right a very serious wrong - thus ensuring that Mrs Tracy Taylor, those very senior executives involved, and the rest of the Trust conduct themselves very differently in the future.

Otherwise, by association, the entire Board will be as guilty as Mrs Tracy Taylor!

.... and who was responsible for ALL the deliberately (and totally unnecessarily) broken promises! I am going to name names and shame the lot of them - they deserve it after all.

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