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Instead of agreeing to investigate a gross injustice (of which they are aware), and for which there is an abundance of evidence, the Trust wastes further taxpayers money getting very expensive Solicitor's to write to me - I despair! 

DISCLAIMER. This Website is based on my experiences and any opinions expressed are mine alone. I apologise unreservedly for any errors or omissions which, if drawn to my attention, will be corrected. I have done my very best to make my account both honest and accurate, and since establishing my first Website in September 1999 no errors of fact have been drawn to my attention: nor have I been obliged by anyone to withdraw any website content. Whenever attempts have been made to close a site my ISP has always supported me, for which I am very grateful. I have evidence to support the claims that I am making. My aim is to SHAME those responsible!

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I don't like receiving veiled threats from solicitors, if no progress can be made, the time has come for me to appeal to the integrity of the Board of Trustees, both collectively and individually - all I want is natural justice.  To facilitate this however, I am very happy to deal with the Trust's Solicitors.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to refine my aims as;

1. To persuade those responsible to review their decision, following appropriate Independent Clinical Advice, and examine my Complaint in a professional manner.

2. Rescind their totally unwarranted attack on my integrity without delay - which was certainly defamatory.

3. Secure the best possible NHS Orthotic treatment for me, in an attempt to reverse the damage caused by the withdrawal of NHS Orthotic treatment between November 2010 and February 2011.

(Staff at the WMRC have repeatedly frustrated reasonable enquiries made by a Private third party Clinician on my behalf since February, so much so that he had no choice but to give up - how unnecessary was that?)


17th November 2011 - rather than open a dialogue to correct a gross injustice, the Trust has resorted to having this mildly threatening, but very well written, Solicitor's Letter.  The problem is, the Solicitors have not been asked to determine the validity of my claims, only to send me a mildly threatening letter.

I am confident that the Solicitors are aware that, were they to achieve the closure of this Website (and quickly submit a bill!), that another would spring up in very short order - hence my reluctance to add further, hopefully amusing, graphics at this time.  Surely my suggestions are a much better way forward for all concerned?


Two pairs of shoes that did not fit!

The great majority of adjustments were made as a result of serious mistakes, and had nothing to do with refining the prescription which never changed.

I wrote letters and sent emails because the Trust were dragging their feet, incompetent, denying me any information, denying me the Independent Review they promised me (and refused to take account of correspondence or examine the shoes and the appalling state of the orthoses provided - that the Trust obliged me to rely on month after month so adding to the damage to my feet and mobility) and other relevant matters.  The Trust's Complaints procedures were in crisis and the Team has since been changed beyond recognition as has some protocols.

I did not attend two Meetings in January and February 2011 'for various reasons'!  I repeatedly advised the Trust that I was not well enough to attend - in response to which the Trust's CEO repeatedly harassed me, right up to the afternoon before the February Meeting, when they planned to dump on me a 99 page Report and ask me to contest it.  My NHS surgery records, which Mrs Taylor could have accessed, show that I returned from abroad in January with a (devastating) virus and was being treated for several pain sources, some 24/7.  As a result I had suffered 3 months of sleep deprivation (nighttime cramps lasting for hours were routine), all aggravated by my forced loss of mobility.  (Chronic low back pain, severe plantar fasciitis, neuropathic pain, rounded off by very regular night-time cramps in both calves, and retching due to the medication taken in an attempt to prevent night-time 'cramps' - I felt like a zombie due to lack of sleep.)  

The ONLY offer made to me by the Trust's Orthotics Team was by their Manager Mr Brian Hopkins (my Orthotist) who, IMMEDIETLEY AFTER I HAD HAD THE COURTESY TO ADVISE HIM THAT I WAS GOING TO MAKE A FORMAL COMPLAINT, offered to make me a pair of shoes to any specification that I chose.  BUT, Mr Hopkins CONTINUED TO REFUSE, point blank, to modify the orthoses IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE RECOMMENDATIONS OF AN INDEPENDENT CLINICAL REPORT issued in May 2009.  All these alleged 'adjustments' are pure fiction, and I would imagine that the person who prepared the Report for Otto Bock (WHO ADMITTED TO ME THAT HE WAS NOT IN A CLINICAL ORTHOTICS ROLE) WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN MADE AWARE  of the letters I wrote, reporting severe problems that resulted in further unscheduled appointments!

As regards 'A number of comments on the website are inaccurate and/or misleading', on every page of my Website I invite the Trust or anyone else involved to draw any factual errors to my attention, and undertake to correct them (which is a given).  THE FACT IS NO-ONE HAS - ask yourself why not?

Contrary to what the Trust appear to believe, I am also not in charge of 'Google' - how I wish I was!

Moving forward.

The way forward is to abandon the verdict of the Trust's 'Kangaroo Court', taken in my absence, and act as I have suggested, in a responsible and professional manner, however that may be achieved.

  It gives me no satisfaction to have to pursue what I should have been entitled to as a matter of course - a fair hearing and appropriate treatment from the NHS.

(I will be replying in due course, but unless a dialogue commences, as I very much hope it will - the prospects of my backing down are zero.  Why? - because I am confident that I am within my rights.  What is more, I still haven't been able to access NHS treatment, simply because I have complained and stood my ground, and that is just plain wrong.)


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