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DISCLAIMER. This Website is based on my experiences and any opinions expressed are mine alone. I apologise unreservedly for any errors or omissions which, if drawn to my attention, will be corrected. I have done my very best to make my account both honest and accurate, and since establishing my first Website in September 1999 no errors of fact have been drawn to my attention: nor have I been obliged by anyone to withdraw any website content. Whenever attempts have been made to close a site my ISP has always supported me, for which I am very grateful. I have evidence to support the claims that I am making.


Mr Mark Senior General Manager, West Midlands Rehabilitation Centre is 'The Investigating Officer'.

Mr Senior has made this 'personal': his bully-boy tactics over five months are offensive, and I will not allow him to walk all over me (a 68-year old man), and not put up a fight. Over the last five months I blame him for depriving me of my mobility, my health, and for causing and leaving me in incredible pain.


Here are the questions I finally, very forcefully raised with my Designated Complaints Manager on 1st February, some for the umpteenth time (previously stonewalled).  She would put them to Mr Senior the following day, if she did she declined to come back to me.  The Trust have been playing silly games now for three months.    Towards the end of December Mrs Last promised me that I would be provided with 'Daily Reports', just like the 'Weekly Reports' I had been promised w.e.f. 17th November the Trust reneged on their promise - it was a farce. When I had not heard anything for 8-days, having decided the previous day that it would be impossible for me to attend a Meeting, and that I must communicate this to the Trust, I telephoned the Trust but did not give them my decision until I had obtained some answers.  I believe that those answers had been known for 7-days and I had been 'left to stew'.


Here are the answers I received from this shameful organisation. 

Could I please be provided with a copy of Mr Senior's Report to study before the Meeting (so that I might have time to check anything technical and form questions concerning the contents, AND be able to discuss the Report with my POWhER  ICAS Advocate).

'I would not be given a copy of Mr Senior's Report or that of Otto Bock's until the day of the Meeting'. And this despite the fact that I had not confirmed my attendance - a previous date had been six weeks away!



Why hadn't an Independent Clinical Review been arranged notwithstanding Mr Senior's previous undertaking to provide one.  I had raised this time and time again, and was always ignored!

'This was something that I could raise at the Meeting'.


Why had I been deliberately deprived of appropriate clinical care?  (This related to a four and a half month period during which time I was convinced that a Specialist Podiatrist could address my main problem, further relieving the weight on the ball joint of my left foot.  I had also thought gait analysis would be to advantage for a very long time.)  I had raised this countless times but never once did I receive a response, I couldn't think of any explanation, but the Trust simply ignored me!

'This was something that I could raise at the Meeting.'



Why had I been deliberately deprived of the services of an Orthotist?  Four-and-a-half months had elapsed, during which time I had been left for periods without orthoses that were fit to wear, and there had been one grievous mistake that had deprived me of orthoses for an additional six weeks! And it had happened before.


'This was something that I could raise at the Meeting.'


I had already decided that it would be impossible for me to attend the Meeting because of my health.  I had contacted the Trust because, having made my decision, I needed to advise them of this.  I advised them of my decision on 9th February and left them in no doubt that it was final - the date scheduled for the Meeting was only 8 away days away.  I gave my Designated Complaints Manager more than sufficient details of my health for her not to question my decision.  When she returned to the subject I politely confirmed my decision.


I will not be dictated to by Mr Senior or anyone else of his ilk. I am satisfied that Mr Senior has the full support of Mrs Tracy Taylor the Chief Executive Officer, as I have made her aware of this - she has not responded. All she did was invite me to change my mind!


Ms Tracy Taylor, 'Chief Executive Officer' (and Mrs Alison Last, 'Head of Patient Experience') are BOTH aware of the devastating effect the FIVE MONTH DELAY SO FAR, has had on my feet, my mobility, my back, and my general health, and the 'Chief Executive Officer' has still not changed course - she and other very Senior Executives of her Trust are simply beyond redemption. I despise them for what they have done to me, by deliberately depriving me of suitable clinical care, I have not even been given access to an Orthotist to prepare new shoes.

They have finally pushed me too far.

Here is my response to Mr Senior

... I will not be dictated to!


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There should be no place within the NHS for anyone that behaves towards a Patient how Mr Senior has behaved towards me. I submitted a 'Formal Complaint' on 9th September 2010 that I believe was decent, honest and truthful, and that did not misrepresent. I set out the facts as I saw them and gave as detailed and accurate account as possible of every clinical appointment that I had attended. On every occasion bar one my wife accompanied me and she witnessed what took place - nothing was a figment of my imagination. All that Mr Senior has done is make matters a thousand times worse.

At a Meeting on 17th November, the 'Head of Patient Experience' Mrs Alison Last, who also features on this website, had offered to provide me with weekly reporting, daily if I required. I chose weekly because I did not want to make unnecessary administration. It did not work out!

Frustrated by this I contacted her and asked her to honour her undertaking to provide Daily Reporting at my request. She promised to arrange for DAILY REPORTS to be provided 'after Christmas' and I took her at her word. But still nothing changed!

On 1st February my Designated Complaints Manager telephoned because she had been asked to contact me to find out if I would be attending a Meeting i.e. they wanted the answer to a question! I advised her that I had not made up my mind. She wasn't keen to talk about anything else but I very forcefully repeated the questions that I had raised so many times before, all of which had been ignored, and left her in no doubt that I wanted answers!

In response to each question I was told that 'she would have to refer the matter' - no change there then! It had invariably been a case of 'I will have to find out' - then nothing!

Not only didn't I receive any answers, I didn't receive the promised Daily Reports that I had referred to. It was obvious that they were not going to respond to my questions if they could avoid it!

When I had not heard anything further eight days later, I telephoned my Designated Complaints Manager and on this one occasion, after pressing her, I got a response to every question. She had relayed my questions to Mr Mark Senior, The Investigating Officer and he had given her his response (I don't know when), but she had not passed his dictats on to me. I had only found out because I had telephoned her and pressed her!