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DISCLAIMER. This Website is based on my experiences and any opinions expressed are mine alone. I apologise unreservedly for any errors or omissions which, if drawn to my attention, will be corrected. I have done my very best to make my account both honest and accurate, and since establishing my first Website in September 1999 no errors of fact have been drawn to my attention: nor have I been obliged by anyone to withdraw any website content. Whenever attempts have been made to close a site my ISP has always supported me, for which I am very grateful. I have evidence to support the claims that I am making. My aim is to SHAME those responsible!

Orthotists and other medical professionals might like to take a peek!

Just look at the evidence on this page! 

Are my photographs an illusion?

The Trust have certainly damaged my health, as Tracy Taylor the CEO must we aware - but does she care? Dream on: she has deliberately denied me appropriate clinical care!

She and other Senior Executives probably go to bed in 'Teflon' coated overcoats!

These are my best pair of orthoses

These orthoses were supplied a month ago. One orthoses has now got a wide split in the heel cup and is rotting fast. I believe that premature damage is due to 'sheering' forces - my heels and ankles constantly moving around, as does the main body of my foot, because the shoes are much too big for my heels and ankles. If laced up tight the uppers almost meet at the throat already! There is also a marked deterioration in the orthoses where I need it most, under the 1st phalangeal joint of my left foot - this is critical, it is NOT being protected.  

It has been reported to Mrs Tracy Taylor the CEO, who has been closely involved.  I did not receive a reply. 

The damage gets worse by the day, and soon wearing them will be almost intolerable and I shall be choosing the least badly damaged orthoses I possess yet again!



  The other orthoses has badly de-laminated across the forefoot, if this isn't a manufacturing defect I will eat my orthoses!  (The blue layer is devoid of any adhesive.)

Just look at my ONLY pair of shoes, which they have forced me to have to manage with since mid 2009.

An illusion - German lorries!

The photographs below are of my only pair of shoes!

VAGRANTS are far better shod - and this despite the fact that I have neuropathic feet!

Yet they bill the 'Orthotics Department' at 'The West Midlands Rehabilitation Centre' as a 'Regional Centre of Excellence!  Is this an illusion?

Imagine having only one pair of shoes for nearly two years, and needing to wear them from the moment you step out of bed in a morning for 16-hours a day!

I 'rock and roll' all the time - I can't help myself.

The amount of stiffness left at the heel to retain my feet (the orthoses compress a bit).


Once upon a time a long time ago ...

The depth including the worn-out section and the 'collar's which have become soft and loose and do not support my heels & ankles any longer.

They are much too big at the heels for my very slim ankles - because I have had neuropathic feet for 15-years+ the flesh has wasted away.

Size 7+ socks fit my ankles but the shoes are 10+

The uppers are knackered, and so am I now - the Trust has seen to that!

N.B. I have very little strength in my fingers.

There is no longer any protection at the toes at all!

My toes can't bear the pain of kneeling down in them!

The construction was barmy from the outset - they do not protect my toes!

Plenty of room across the vamps (forefront)!

The shoemaker's Elves could remove enough to make themselves shoes!

Just look at the state of the uppers!

... they were very soft to start with, not made to withstand the wear they have.

Worn with the latest orthoses that the Trust has provided, my big toes are like two red beacons by bedtime and there are red areas on five other toes Reported in writing to Mrs Tracy Taylor the CEO. I mentioned calling in to have the orthoses adjusted but heard no more - meanwhile the orthoses, my ONLY PAIR have become completely worn out.

The initial fit of the orthoses needed adjusting, as did the depth at the toes, they took up room designed to accommodate my feet.

I have not been able to stand or walk correctly for years, has the West Midlands Rehabilitation Centre done anything about this since April 2009? 

Dream on! No-one has bothered to even attempt to correct this.

N.B. I saw my Rehabilitation Consultant Dr Martina Walsh-Khattak for the second and last time on 19th November 2010.  This was for my 60-minute Annual Review, that was seven and a half months overdue.  I had made repeated efforts to get the appointment brought forward because of the pain I was in and my dissatisfaction with the orthotic care I had received. Dr Walsh-Khattak refused to discuss the orthotic care I had received.  She was adamant that she has no knowledge of orthotics.  I had only seen her once before, for my initial assessment on 3rd April 2009 and then she had an orthotist by her side - all she recommended was orthotic care.  This time there was no Orthotist present nor was one involved, despite my requests for one to be called from the Orthotics Dept. which was only a few yards away. Sadly, Dr Walsh-Khattak has not arranged for me to see an Orthotist since, and I allege that this has led to tremendous damage to my feet and health.  More about that elsewhere.


The way I have been treated since I lodged a Formal Complaint is outrageous, especially my being deprived of any access to an Orthotist - any Orthotist - it simply cannot be justified.

This Complainant will always respond to persistent bullying and being repeatedly dictated to!

The way the Trust has treated me recently amounts to harassment.

These are the shoes they have condemned me to manage with for most of the time since I was referred on 3rd April 2009. They are a joke!

They are completely worn out! I have never been able to take the laces out - the crimped ends are too big to go through the eyelets even!

Over a period of nearly two years, I have been deprived of orthoses that were fit to wear, for long periods at a time, through neglect, because of mistakes, and due to long delays.  Over the last five months, as a direct result of my being deprived of any access to an Orthotist my feet and mobility have suffered badly.  In the last three months the deterioration has been dramatic - a sudden loss of mobility, and now when I put my feet to the floor each morning I am in enormous pain. My sudden loss of mobility has also made chronic low back pain much worse, and the pain patch dose I was prescribed has had to be doubled to the maximum. I am literally falling apart - I simply cannot cope with the pain and the resultant loss of sleep much longer - yet there is very little further my GP can do to help me - he has been wonderful, but is fighting a losing battle.

The Trust has just referred me back to my GP, for him to arrange 'a case conference', they MUST BE AWARE that this will INEVITABLY lead to another long delay, and I will have nothing to wear on pre-planned holidays, one due shortly.  This is how you are treated if you Complain and stand up for yourself

A specialist Orthotics Company known to the Trust were going to arrange for an 'Independent Clinical Review' - bring it on I said! It fell through after they insisted that I would have to be seen by appointment to enable someone to examine my feet, in which case, horror of horrors, they would see first-hand the shoes that I was having to manage with (that didn't fit) and I would have the chance to show them the worn out orthoses that I had been made to wear (as well as my incomplete clinical notes).

Oh my God, we cannot allow that!

'The Investigating Officer' Mr Mark Senior a General Manager at the Centre, was not going to allow it! Reference would ONLY be made to my clinical notes he decreed. Did I mention that Clinical Notes did not exist in respect of every appointment , and those that had been made to me seemed to leave much to be desired! There's me splitting hairs again.

Until then there had NOT BEEN ANY unpleasantness at all. Strange that the Trust were so fearful of someone Independent examining my feet, shoes and orthoses. Perhaps not!


In fact, it transpired that the Orthotist I had complained about had used to work with them: how long ago I do not know - so they said that their independence was compromised and they withdrew.  But they were not the only branch of the Company!  They have since told me that they have 40 Orthotists working with them around the country - could they all be compromised? I don't think so!  And there are other Companies!!!!

I believe that I should have had 'gait analysis' years ago, but no-one bothered. I asked a Consultant last year and he immediately agreed with me, but when he discovered I was under another Consultant he decided he could not interfere!

... and all those very Senior Executives involved continue to go to bed at night wearing their 'Teflon' overcoats - how do they sleep?

Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust

'Accessible, Responsive Community Healthcare'

I wish!


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