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Mrs Tracy Taylor the Chief Executive Officer deliberately harasses me in an attempt to force me to attend a Meeting when it is obvious I am not fit to attend

DISCLAIMER. This Website is based on my experiences and any opinions expressed are mine alone. I apologise unreservedly for any errors or omissions which, if drawn to my attention, will be corrected. I have done my very best to make my account both honest and accurate, and since establishing my first Website in September 1999 no errors of fact have been drawn to my attention: nor have I been obliged by anyone to withdraw any website content. Whenever attempts have been made to close a site my ISP has always supported me, for which I am very grateful. I have evidence to support the claims that I am making.  My aim is to SHAME those responsible

On 9th February I declined Mrs Taylor's invitation to attend a Meeting on 17th February, because there was no possibility that I would be well enough to attend - I had very good grounds - see below.  She simply refused to accept my decision.  

Mrs Taylor made this a very big feature in her 'Final Response to my Complaint and to events since ...'

I received her 'Final Response' on the afternoon of 21st February attached to an email, although her Final Response was dated 18th February, three days earlier. It was her first and final response to the Formal Complaint that I had lodged on 9th September 2010, five and a half months previously!

There follows extracts from her 10-page Response, note her very carefully woven words.

***Extracts are reproduced in blue, but not in italics for ease of reading, I have underlined passages.  As you can see Mrs Taylor knows how to labour the point, and she also has a real 'way with words'. It is a pity that she did no use her talent to investigate my Complaints properly, and address matters raised, instead of picking and choosing, and often completely misrepresenting the facts. Her Report is stuffed full of misrepresentations!

Just look at how much is devoted to lambasting me!  My response is below her comments.

'I am responsible for ensuring that complaints are responded to appropriately.'

Almost at the outset she writes:

'I would also like to express my disappointment that you chose not to attend the meeting that was scheduled to take place at the WMRC yesterday, and that you did not formally respond to my letters of 14th or 15th February 2011 in which I asked you to attend, and confirmed that your Consultant, Dr Walsh would also be in attendance.'

THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE.  Despite the fact that Mrs Taylor was harassing me to attend a Meeting on 17th February AFTER I had declined to, the MOMENT I became aware of her letter dated 14th February I frantically attempted to contact my Designated Complaints Manager, who I had been ordered to liaise with.  Our approved method of contact was the telephone - I have never been asked to specifically confirm my attendance at a Meeting in writing.   Mrs Taylor would/should, have been advised of my VERY GOOD REASONS FOR DECLINING TWICE by the time she wrote the first time - she just refused to respect my decision and cancel the Meeting.  She chose to ignore the overwhelming reasons why I would not be fit to attend.  SEE BELOW  

'I would emphasise that senior Trust staff together with staff from Otto Bock have tried to meet with you on two occasions to discuss your concerns, and this was with a view to ensuring that all of the issues had been dealt with before producing a final written response, but regrettably this has not been possible. I do of course appreciate that you were unwell and the meeting scheduled for 27th January 2011 had to be cancelled, but in line with your request, myself and
your Consultant Dr Walsh did attend the WMRC today
. In doing so she had to make alternative arrangements for the patients that she was due to see in clinic, and I therefore consider that the Trust has gone to considerable effort to bring this matter to a resolution following the initial delay, which as I have stated above was unacceptable.

Mrs Taylor chose to attend as an inducement to get me to change my mind - this made no difference to the situation, and nor did Dr Walsh-Khattak reversing her decision not to attend, as both changes took place after I had declined to attend.  The Meeting should have been cancelled on 9th February.  SEE BELOW.

I would also like to confirm that in addition to Dr Walsh and I, the following staff were also present at the WMRC on 17th February 2011 for a period of one and a half hours, and all were prepared to discuss your concerns in full:'

It is ludicrous to refer to 'my concerns', I had alleged clinical negligence and provided a great deal of proof.

Marie Ward, Divisional Director for Specialist Services
Mark Senior, General Manager Operations, Rehabilitation Services 
........................................................................... 'The Investigating Officer for my Complaint'.  Had he been investigating the service that he was responsible for, in his capacity of 'General Manager - Operations' at the Centre?
Alison Last, Head of Patient Experience     .  ..........................................................................  .  .....  .. . . . . . . .. . Formerly in charge of Complaints. My Designated Complaints Manager was absent - she had finally admitted, on 9th February, that she had not seen Mr Senior's Report, or the Report that Otto Bock's Mr Parson had prepared, AND KNEW NOTHING ABOUT THE CONTENTS!  No wonder she never had anything to report - she too was kept completely in the dark.
Brian Hopkins, Otto Bock    ........................................................................................................... ................... . . . . Head of Orthotics, who had provided the treatment that I complained about.
Chris Parsons, Otto Bock'   ................................................................................................................................... . . . Area Manager Southern, who had confirmed to me that he was not a Clinician and that there was no clinical content to his Report - it simply covered the Orthotist's 'attitude and delays' was how he put it.


Whoever forgot his wife or girlfriend at my place last night after the BBQ is  asked to please come and get her ASAP.

My wife insists she's got to go!

Please respond as soon as possible.

A few lines on and Mrs Taylor writes ...   '... I felt that a meeting was the best method of reaching resolution. ...'

It was not possible for me to attend because I was ill: Mrs Taylor  simply refused to accept my decision, despite the information that I provided in support of my decision on three occasions.


'Although it was always my intention to provide a full response following the meeting, the meeting was intended to act as a forerunner to this in order to ensure that all of the issues were addressed before a final written response was
produced, but regrettably this has not been possible.'

Give it a rest please!  This is simply 'playing to the gallery'. I will repeat myself just like Mrs Taylor does

It was not possible for me to attend because I was ill: Mrs Taylor  simply refused to accept my decision, despite the information that I provided in support of my decision on three occasions.

For the Annual Trust Picnic, Management has decided that because of liability issues, we could have alcohol, but only one drink per person ...

... I was fired for ordering the cups

But still Mrs Taylor carries on ...

'Given that you have not been willing to meet with the Trust to discuss your complaint in any detail, please note that this letter represents the final response that you receive from the Trust.  I hope that you will agree it is a comprehensive summary of the background and history to your  complaint, together with a response to the issues that you have raised, ... ... '

This is downright offensive, so I will repeat myself again - Mrs Taylor  simply refused to accept my decision, despite the information that I provided in support of my decision on three occasions.


Was all this really necessary?  Was Mrs Taylor attempting to justify what was a very bad decision, taken after an enormously long and badly flawed investigation, during which time I was deliberately deprived of appropriate clinical care and also deliberately deprived of the 'Independent Clinical Report' that I had been promised as Mrs Taylor is only too aware. Why would Mrs Taylor fear what an 'Independent' Clinician would report, if he/she had been allowed to examine my now badly damaged feet, and the shoes and orthoses that I had been provided with, and see first hand the awful state that they were in.  Let's face it, Mrs Taylor was too ashamed and fearful of the result.  There was no valid reason for their refusal.   SEE *An 'Independent Clinical Report' - How easy it is to arrange one!   To follow.

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