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If I had the chance, I would tattoo 'Deny Everything - Admit Nothing' (of consequence) on Mrs Taylor's forehead. Whilst the Trust seriously criticised Otto Bock in their 99-page Report, those responsible must be delusional if they believe that Otto Bock's mismanagement, incompetence, unsuitable shoes and interminable delays did not cause me immense unnecessary pain, damage my feet, mobility and quality of life - and still does.

Otto Bock's 'systems', or the near total lack of them, for which MY Orthotist Mr Brian Hopkins was responsible (as Orthotics Department Manager) ...

Otto Bock's systems were ... ...

... just as bad as the Trust's 'Complaints' protocols.

Who did the Trust turn to for clinical advice regarding the treatment that I had received from Otto Bock, after my claims of clinical negligence at the hands of Otto Bock?


Should Mrs Tracy Taylor be allowed to get away with it?


And, was the 'Investigating Officer' Mr Mark Senior, General Manager - Operations at the Rehabilitation Centre responsible for overseeing the contract that went so wrong?


























I was provided with not one, but two pairs of unsuitable shoes by Otto Bock, both of which were far too small for me which literally 'murdered' my toes - yet Otto Bock refused to alter them to fit. One pair was more suitable for a mountaineer than for a pensioner with bad feet to wear mostly in the home. N.B. I do not blame the manufacturer who would have been simply following instructions and measurements, or lack of them, otherwise the shoes would have been returned! All Otto Bock did, month after month after month, was attempt to stretch them - any fool would know that that would prove futile - as it happened, I have forgotten more than Mr Hopkins ever knew about altering footwear! Perhaps he resented that?

... made to measure rejects? (only joking!)

... O.M.G.


... and just who presided over this absolute debacle and has deliberately buried the truth?

... why it's Mrs Tracy Taylor CEO, who has even had the audacity to question my integrity - a big mistake!


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