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Jokes to make you split your sides, and Tracy Taylor's 'Christmas Message' - fully illustrated

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15th January 2012 - graphics, some duplication

Two IRISH MEN were looking at a 
Mail order catalogue and admiring the models.

One says to the other, 
'Have you seen the beautiful girls in this catalogue?'

The second one replies, 
'Yes, they are very beautiful. 
And look at the price!'

The first one says, with wide eyes, 
'Wow, they aren't very expensive. 
At this price, I'm buying one.'

The second one smiles and pats him on the back. 
'Good idea! Order one and if she's as beautiful 
as she is in the catalogue, I'll get one too.'

Three weeks later, 
The youngest redneck IRISHMAN asks his friend, 
'Did you ever receive the girl you ordered 
From the catalogue?' 

The second IRISHMAN replies......














'No, but it shouldn't be long now.
She sent all her clothes yesterday!


'Christmas Greetings' from the Ice Queen, aka Mrs Tracy Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust.

Mrs Taylor's Christmas message, sent via the Trust's London Solicitors, was similar to the recipe for lemon chicken ...

... get stuffed!

If you want the actual recipe - Click Here


This, and material to be uploaded shortly, is my predictable response!

Here is Page 2 of a further letter from the Trust's London Solicitors ... ...

To describe the abovementioned Solicitors as 'expensive' was an assumption which I withdraw. Given what they have to work with, I happily acknowledge that they write a very good letter.

To view the complete letter - please Click here


*** Mrs Tracy Taylor et al repeatedly REFUSE to give me ANY OPPORTUNITY to disprove her outrageously misrepresented account of events, or correct their many errors and omissions. Don't be fooled, MRS TAYLOR KNOWS FULL WELL that she and other Senior Executives of the Trust got it badly wrong, but deliberately cover it up - HOW SHAMEFUL IS THAT? I have all the evidence I need.


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