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DISCLAIMER. This Website is based on my experiences and any opinions expressed are mine alone. I apologise unreservedly for any errors or omissions which, if drawn to my attention, will be corrected. I have done my very best to make my account both honest and accurate, and since establishing my first Website in September 1999 (after purchasing a 'rogue' new-build house), no errors of fact have been drawn to my attention: nor have I been obliged by anyone to withdraw any website content. Whenever attempts have been made to close a site my ISP has always supported me, for which I am very grateful. I have evidence to support the claims that I am making. My aim is to SHAME those responsible!

There follows truthful details of the first seventeen months, and the FIVE pairs of orthoses I was supplied with, this allows a true picture to emerge!

My first pair of orthoses were issued to me with my first pair of shoes after a painful and unusually long FIVE-MONTH WAITThe shoes were ridiculously small and hurt my feet - I could not tolerate wearing them, as everybody is aware

After SIX-months Mr Hopkins refused to have the shoes altered - it would have evidenced his failure and he was the Manager of the Orthotics Department!  He proposed adapting the previously comfortable orthoses (adding 'met domes') which I knew would put intolerable direct pressure on the one damaged area of my left foot - I had shown him where the damage was.  I politely advised him that domes and bars had been tried by Orthotists at Worcester Royal in 2007 and had all ended in abject failure. Mr Hopkins did it anyway!  It was madness, I cannot imagine any other Orthotist ignoring such a warning. Mr Hopkins then told me he would review me in three months! I was left without shoes and orthoses.

After I reported the pain I was in, at seven-and-a-half months Mr Hopkins had the 'met domes' removed.  Whoever did the job used heat, and this spread the adhesive far and wide.  Scouring the adhesive off removed the top surface of the orthoses, this would make them very uncomfortable for anyone to wear with neuropathic feet like mine -


... the whole thing was 'a pig's ear' from start to finish

They evidently didn't consider the sun when designing this wall  ...

My first pair of shoes were marked where they were badly fouling my toes, I had shown Mr Hopkins how wearing them had forced one big toe-nail to one side.  The shoes (and damaged orthoses) were taken off me to be returned to the suppliers for professional stretching at the very least.  Mr Hopkins was also going 'to have a conversation' with the suppliers about altering them - he mentioned that 'they may need new uppers'? You have to smile, that would be like returning your car to the garage for everything to be replaced except the wheels!  The suppliers must have told Mr Hopkins that what he was describing was new shoes, and Mr Hopkins had already refused to replace them, despite the fact that it would be impossible for me to tolerate wearing them for other than very short periods!  The shoes were NBG! 

I was left to manage with shoes provided by Worcester Royal that had been hurriedly adapted and then had to be altered back, stuffed with foam!

I was in real trouble, and Worcester Royal's Orthotics Providers offered to make me orthoses for their shoes.  Mr Hopkins declined their offer!  They then offered to make them at no charge to the NHS, Mr Hopkins declined that offer as well.  In fact, Mr Hopkins told them not to interfere, and led them to believe that my shoes would be back by Christmas.  Worcester Royal's Orthotics Providers bowed out for good.

After eleven whole weeks without anything fit to wear, my shoes and orthoses were returned.  All Mr Hopkins had been prepared to pay for was s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g, a pointless exercise given the amount of extra room I needed.  The orthoses were returned scarred, Mr Hopkins had not even been prepared to have the damaged top layer replaced

I drew Mr Hopkins' attention to the fact that the orthoses that he was re-issuing to me were scarred and he replied that my feet were obviously very sensitive.  And did nothing. It was 2nd February 2010, and I had already been under the Trust's care for TEN MONTHS!

Make my day Mrs Taylor, Mr Mark Senior, dispute this account and I will brand you for what you are!  You have caused me immense pain and deprived me of mobility, and if you are not aware of this you damn well should be!

 ... could anyone wearing these orthoses under seriously neuropathic feet, not be caused pain?

Otto Bock have described all this as 'best practice' - in your dreams!  In my opinion, Otto Bock should carry their own 'Government Health Warning'!   How could any Orthotics Providers make so many mistakes as they have?

Not looking so good now is it Mrs Taylor?  Mr Mark Senior?  But worse is to come!


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