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18th March 2011  Lots of graphics and jokes on these pages!!!

         These pages alone completely destroy any suggestion that Mrs Taylor's 10-page ... . ......'Final Response' to my Formal Complaint (after a nearly six month delay), based on... Mr Mark Senior the Investigating Officer's Report, has any credibility!  It shows it for what it is - a complete whitewash!  

It was Mr Senior the 'General Manager - Operations' at the Centre, who was adamant that NO-ONE INDEPENDENT WOULD BE ALLOWED to examine my feet, or the completely worn-out shoes and orthoses that they had forced me to manage with for so long. The only Orthotist to get even a peek at them was Mr Brian Hopkins - the Orthotist I was complaining about. Now that is despicable!

Mrs Tracy Taylor ...  

' ... as Chief Executive of the Trust, I am responsible for ensuring that complaints are responded to appropriately.'

let's not forget the architect of her report was 'The Investigating Officer'

Mr Mark Senior 'General Manager - Operations', West Midlands Rehabilitation Centre

Would this unfortunate two-some become erubescence were they to read this page I wonder?

Probably not, given the very thick layer of 'Teflon' they smother themselves and everything they do in!

You wouldn't put much trust in what a second-hand car salesmen trading off a back-street bomb site told you, would you?

You should put even less trust in Mr Senior's investigatative powers, or Mrs Tracy Taylor's ability to recognise that!

The question is, could anyone really be that incompetent?

Yet Mrs Taylor's 10-page 'Final Response' is written in language that is brimming with confidence!

... where did Mrs Tracy Taylor and Mr Mark Senior get there material from?

... allow me to put a HUGE DENT in Mrs Taylor's/Mr Senior's Report.

The damage I complained about originally, almost pales into insignificance when compared to the damage the Trust have inflicted on me SINCE last September because they DELIBERATELY denied me access to appropriate clinical treatment - access to an Orthotist, which is a life-line to me. How despicable is that?

Mr Mark Senior was the architect of Mrs Taylor's Report (remember his name because in my opinion he is dangerous), in which she confidently writes ...

'e) Insufficient orthoses and shoes were provided to you

Your records indicate that you were provided with 6-pairs of orthoses by WMRC over a period of 18-months plus a further pair that were intended as an interim solution. In addition to this two pairs of shoes have also been provided to you by the WMRC.'

Actually, the total to date is 10, but I can well understand why Mrs Taylor / Mr Mark Senior would prefer to forget the other 3!

 Mrs Taylor's 'Final Response' suggests that they provided me with a pair of orthoses to meet my needs every three months - not quite Mrs Taylor, not quite!


I will deal with the first seventeen months, during which time the Trust provided me with FIVE pairs of orthoses, this allows a much truer picture to emerge!

So, five pairs of orthoses in seventeen months!

The first pair were made to fit shoes that it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to tolerate because they were MUCH TOO SMALL, and the orthoses were subsequently damaged by the Orthotics Department - fact!

The second pair had duplicate 'rockers' added to them in error, and when Mr Hopkins attempted to remove them he BUTCHERED the orthoses - fact!

The third pair were made to fit completely unsuitable shoes which Mr Hopkins refused to have altered to fit

There was never any prospect of my being able to wear the fourth or fifth pairs of orthoses which were made to a completely inappropriate prescription by mistake - a debacle!

This undoubtedly resulted in some damage to my feet and compromised my mobility to an extent. But the major damage was caused AFTERWARDS because I was deliberately deprived of appropriate clinical care whilst Mr Mark Senior investigated my complaint - and Mrs Taylor has backed him all the way!

There is hardly a mention of any of these matters in Mrs Taylor's 10-page Report ?        Could anyone be that incompetent I ask myself?  So how did it happen?

It's a good job Mrs Taylor's Trust does not arrange creches at the WMRC!

... at least nothing sticks to Mr Brian Hopkins; Mr Mark Senior; or Mrs Tracy Taylor!

There follows truthful details of the first seventeen months, and the FIVE pairs of orthoses I was supplied with, this allows a true picture to emerge!


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