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To re-cap:

1)  Mrs Tracy Taylor was personally involved, and her 'gang' had three whole months to arrange a new Review, so her claims are pure unadulterated bull----, and they all know it!  This is on top of two months that they had wasted at the outset!

18th November 2010   'If there are still issues beyond this point I would be willing to provide an independent review.'  (Very locally and at short notice as before no doubt!)

2)  Bear in mind that the Trust could have posted my Clinical Notes anywhere by first class post - they posted them to 'TruLife' after all!  It didn't have to be done by someone local, even if the person I suggested 'was not suitable', which was also pure bull----!

3)  Even I could have suggested umpteen reputable Orthotists, and one other name stood out by a mile, someone else whom the Trust should have been well aware of - someone else very highly regarded who also specialised in 'bio-mechanics' (who had moved from Birmingham to Nottingham a little while before)! 

Now what do you think of Mrs Tracy Taylor - should anyone ever trust her again?  Does she possess an iota of integrity?  Is she fit to lead an NHS Trust?  Can she be trusted not to use her position of POWER, to deliberately suppress legitimate Complaints, hide negligent treatment, and avoid admitting the consequences of HER Trust's acts and omissions? 

What Mrs Taylor should do is leave, and take the road-sweepers brush she uses to sweep things under the carpet with her and start a new career, where she is not responsible for patients welfare!

In her 'Final Response' Mrs Tracy Taylor also wrote:

'I would like to highlight that the WMRC has made attempts to meet your clinical needs on an interim basis throughout the duration of your complaint, which resulted in further insoles being provided to you in December. It is deeply regrettable that the insoles that were provided to you were the wrong prescription, which is an issue that I will deal with below, but I am assured that the WMRC took reasonable steps to meet your clinical needs throughout the duration of your complaint.'

Mrs Taylor is quite simply in total denial, she was after all intimately involved, and to suggest that my clinical needs were met throughout the duration of my Complaint IS QUITE SIMPLY A MONSTROUS LIE!

(This is a statement of fact that I shall be very happy to defend - bring it on!)

In fact, the Trust completely abandoned me for nearly three-months, deliberately choosing to deprive me of orthoses whilst fully aware that they were obliging me to make do with completely worn-out orthoses that were doing permanent damage to my feet and destroying my mobility.  I was deliberately and repeatedly denied the services of an Orthotist for the whole of October, November, December, January, until late February 2011 when they discharged me, simply because I had lodged a Formal Complaint - sheer spitefulness.


Having lodged my Formal Complaint on 9th September, Mrs Taylor and her 'gang' were well aware that, apart from their acknowledgement, nothing was done for at least six weeks.  They have repeatedly refused to give me any explanation for this, notwithstanding that the time lost proved to be critical. And, it was over two months before any attempt was made to obtain an 'Independent Clinical Review'.  Why?  What happened to accountability under Mrs Taylor's regime?

N.B.  When Mr Mark Senior, General Manager - Operations at the West Midlands Rehabilitation Centre, the 'Investigating Officer', realised that TruLife had received more than my incomplete Clinical Notes to base their opinion on, he was apoplectic. 

Mr Mark Senior was absolutely determined that any 'Independent Clinical Review' would be based solely on my INCOMPLETE AND MISLEADING CLINICAL NOTES and nothing else - I found it easy to despise the bullying Mr Mark Senior for that and for several other reasons e.g. his refusal to accept my calls, made because I was concerned at the absence of treatment and the total lack of progress!  Month after month he refused every request for an update or any other information for that matter - another abject bully boy - who was answerable to Mrs Tracy Taylor, who happily backed him whether he was right or wrong - to my detriment! 

Nothing would please me more than to put Mr Mark Senior through the pain he happily heaped on me, month after month, after month, whilst robbing me of mobility!


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