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   The truly despicable manner in which Mrs Tracy Taylor (CEO Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust) dealt with my very reasonably couched Complaint

DISCLAIMER. This Website is based on my experiences and any opinions expressed are mine alone. I apologise unreservedly for any errors or omissions which, if drawn to my attention, will be corrected. I have done my very best to make my account both honest and accurate, and since establishing my first Website in September 1999 no errors of fact have been drawn to my attention: nor have I been obliged by anyone to withdraw any website content. Whenever attempts have been made to close a site my ISP has always supported me, for which I am very grateful. I have evidence to support the claims that I am making. My aim is to SHAME ALL those responsible!

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Am I bitter - YES!  Why?  Because I was completely abandoned, in increasing pain, from which I have still not recovered, simply because I had lodged a Formal Complaint on 9th September.  My feet, mobility, and general health deteriorated rapidly between November 2010 and February 2011 (when I was in tremendous pain), during which time all those involved at the Trust, including the CEO, stood by and watched, repeatedly denying me:

1.  Access to an Orthotist - from end September onwards

2. Access to anyone independent - September onwards

3. Replacments for completely worn-out orthoses (special insoles) from early November to early February - how shameful is that?   

... and he was admitted for a sprained right ankle!

Mrs Tracy Taylor CEO personally oversaw my Complaint.  Caring or callous - YOU decide!

Here is the 'Independent Clinical Advice' that Mrs Taylor and many of the Trust's most Senior Executives studiously ignoredInstead they deliberately chose not to properly investigate my truthful claims; deny me any treatment for three months; and rely on a host of gross misrepresentations to refute my claims.

23rd November 2010  'On reading the documentation I feel that it is imperative an unbiased 3rd party (opinion) is obtained to ensure PD's complaint is examined without prejudice'

The UNQUALIFIED ADMINISTRATORS   involved would in my opinion have to be both callous and calculating TO DELIBERATELY IGNORE THE VERY SPECIFIC ADVICE OF A SENIOR INDEPENDENT CLINICIAN - the Orthotics Manager of 'TruLife', the Company THEY HAD CHOSEN to provide an Independent Clinical Review, following my alleging gross incompetence and clinical negligence. WHY?  Because they knew that if they followed his advice their Trust would be exposed as incompetent and clinically negligent: so they simply 'buried' his recommendations - sorted!   This is how the NHS cover up their mistakes!

23rd November 2010  'On reading the documentation I feel that it is imperative an unbiased 3rd party (opinion) is obtained to ensure PD's complaint is examined without prejudice' 

What can't speak can't lie ...

(***Courtesy of The Data Protection Act - Access to Medical Records - Subject Access Report)  Received after the Trust delayed disclosure i.e. outside of formal time limits!

Something Mrs Taylor and her Associates might bear in mind.    It's always good advice if you are in a hole ...

... ... to stop digging!

N.B. Mrs Taylor was given the opportunity to correct any factual errors prior to these pages being uploaded. 


Prior to this time, again to their credit, TruLife wanted to see me by appointment to examine my feet, and the shoes and orthoses for suitability and fit BEFORE THEY WOULD BE PERSUADED TO GIVE AN OPINION - Mr Mark Senior (the Investigating Officer) was apoplectic!  We had a very stormy conversation during which time he TOLD ME, in very specific terms, that ANY REPORT would be made solely on an examination of my (incomplete) clinical notes!  It was as if Mr Mark Senior was throwing all his toys out of the cot!

(N.B. Mrs Vivien De La Fuente is an Associate Director)

Clearly, when the decision was made to ignore this advice (despite having three months to implement it), not a single Senior Executive at the Trust was prepared to step out of line - shame on them all - aren't they employed to act in the best interests of Patients? 

Now what do you think of Mrs Tracy Taylor and her associates?  Can they be trusted to treat Patients honestly and with decency?  Is Mrs Taylor a fit person to be the CEO of an NHS Trust?  And does anyone in authority care?


It's never to late to learn!

The Police stopped this man at 2am.

An elderly man is stopped by the police and asked where he is going at this time of night.

The man replies, " I am on my way to a lecture about alcohol abuse and the effects it has on the human body, as well as smoking and staying out late."

The officer then asks, "Really? Who is giving that lecture at this time of night?"

The man replies,


















"That would be my wife."

Would Mrs Taylor and her Trust allow me to make such claims if they weren't true???


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